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Group Of Teens

Confidential Visits for Teens

At Hawaii Island Community Health Center, we know that there are times when you may need to access care that is private or confidential, without your parents knowing.

Teens ages 14-17 can request a confidential visit for reproductive/sexual health or behavioral health (mental health and substance use) services, and information from these visits is kept separate from the medical record or insurance information that your parents have access to.

Call our reproductive health team with any questions at 808-333-3606

Please note that not all services are available at all locations, or at all times.

What Care Can I Receive?

  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections/diseases
  • Reproductive health information
  • Birth control options & prescriptions
  • Emergency contraception (aka plan B)
  • Unbiased support for unplanned pregnancy options & referrals to care
  • Support & resources during pregnancy
  • Mental health and substance use counseling (Note: Parental consent is needed for any prescriptions related to mental health or substance use disorders).

How to get confidential care:

  • To get started, call and ask for a “confidential teen visit,” and let us know if you need medical or behavioral (counseling) services.
  • At your first appointment, you’ll fill out paperwork and get information on our services. You can ask any questions then.

What will I need to have ready for my appointment?

  • ID is not required, but is preferred. If you have a school ID or Drivers ID card please bring it with you to your first appointment.
  • You do not need to bring an insurance card.
  • To use our online MyChart patient portal confidentially, please have an email address that is not your school address and that your parents don’t have access to.

Will I Need to Pay for Care?

  • Birth Control Prescriptions are given at the clinic for free
  • Medications to Treat Sexually transmitted infections are given at the clinic for free
  • Lab Work like tests is confidential and will not cost you anything, whether it’s performed at our clinic or by an outside lab.
  • Other Medications Medications unrelated to sexual health, such as mental health prescriptions, need parental consent and aren’t prescribed during confidential visits. We can help with advice for having these health conversations with your parents if this is something you need.
  • Referrals for Pregnancy Option Procedures these referrals are confidential. If you have insurance under a parent, these specialists can handle referrals confidentially, but you may need to call your insurance provider, so that your parents aren’t notified. Please ask our staff what insurance you are enrolled in so you can contact your insurance provider.
  • Confidential Visits are Not Billed: Teen services aren’t billed to you, your parents, or your insurance under our policy. We ask you to fill out a sliding fee scale application, but you won’t need to pay for your visit.
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